JET Program

          The JET program is a Japanese government program that brings in English speaking foreigners from different countries, primarily the U.S., to co-teach in Japanese public schools. The program strives for English education as well as cultural exchange.
          Teaching abroad is something I hoped to do since college and am now fortunate that I am able to do so. I considered international schools as I have a teaching degree and experience, but I knew what I really longed for was to teach in a public school setting abroad to experience a more realistic view of education in another country in order to make comparisons with the U.S. 
I’m especially interested in the opportunity to teach in Japan because I will be placed in a public school setting and work as a assistant/ co-teacher with a Japanese teacher of English. Also, I’m interested in seeing aspects of Japanese culture in the classroom, such as the group mentality.
          Applying for the JET program was a lengthy process filled with many anxious waiting periods.  I started my application and essay in September/October and submitted it by the November deadline. We found out in January if we got an interview. The interview was in Houston in February, and then we found out if we were accepted the beginning of April. My interview was a very normal interview with questions one would expect for the job. I did not have any strange questions or tests of my knowledge that some people post about on different blogs and videos. I recently found out my destination prefecture, but as I was notified of only my prefecture at that time, I will be waiting another month or so before I find out the specific town and school(s). I do know at this point that I will be teaching high school which makes me feel both nervous and excited. I welcome the change from middle school where I have been for the past four years and I am eager to plan or assist with EFL curriculum. 


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