A pre-departure orientation was held in Houston the last Saturday of June, as a means to give us some more information from JET program Alumni and to answer questions we may all be facing. It was interesting to hear about people’s experiences and to learn about some Japanese communication differences, but some of it was what I have already read from browsing blogs online. It was exciting to see some of the other people that I will be leaving with on this teaching adventure. 
It is currently July 1st and I received an email today stating that we should receive our specific placement within the next week or two. My prefecture, Fukui, had a complete a survey to help guide placements. So right now I still have no idea which specific city or town I will live in or what schools I will teach at. I could be teaching elementary, middle, or high school at this point…
Needless to say I am feeling quite anxious at this point about the unknown. I’m heading to Pennsylvania tomorrow to see my parents and some friends. It will also be my last time in the house I grew up in, as my parents are moving to South Carlolina in the fall. While I am home I plan to study Japanese and create a travel wish list organized by locations and dates of any specific festivals etc. I want to plan and be prepared so I am ready to travel any weekend that I have time. 
Excited for some relaxation at home.


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