Status update

While home in Bucks County visiting my parents and childhood home for the last time, I found out my specific location and school within Fukui, Japan. 
I will be in Sabae, which is in Fukui prefecture. The JET program added another full time ALT (me) to Chuo junior high school. I may also get to visit a few elementary schools in the area throughout the year. I’m excited to be working with middle school students again and to have a placement where I will be at the same school most of the time.
Because I am not taking over so someone’s position, I will not be the only ALT at my school. 
I will also be getting an empty apartment which has its pros and cons. I am happy to get to pick exactly what I want and also have a minimal amount of furniture etc. I don’t really enjoy clutter and extra stuff. On the flip side, I will be spending more money initially to get settled.
I’m anxious to get there and to get settled, but for now I am volunteering at camp Indigo in Austin. 


3 thoughts on “Status update

  1. This is great that we follow you on your adventure. Looking forward to hearing about everything and seeing pictures. …this is so exciting. Love Donna


    • Hi! I hope you are doing well. So far things are going well. I moved into my permanent apartment yesterday so I’m still waiting on getting wifi set up until next week. I should have all the furniture I need by the end of next week too and then school starts on the 31st. Miss you!


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