Tokyo orientation 

We took a direct flight from Houston to Tokyo which had us arriving at 2:30 in the afternoon. After getting our luggage, going through customs, and taking a bus to Shinjuku, all I wanted to do was sleep. I didn’t sleep at all on the plane and only watched one movie… That evening I went to dinner with my roommate and we ended up at a ramen restaurant. I got a ramen without broth to avoid meat but it was still delicious. After that we went to bed around eight to be ready for orientation in the morning. 
Orientation consisted of speeches by government, education and tourism agencies, as well as former and current teachers. Then there were classes about team teaching and EFL. Some things were interesting and others were too vague to listen to but it was nice meeting people from different parts of the United States and from different countries.
 The second evening we took the train to Harajuku and walked to Shibuya. I ate an apple filled crepe and took pictures at the famous crosswalk. The third evening  there was a dinner and toast in the hotel where we were organized by the prefecture we would be living in so we could meet others we’d actually be able to see on a regular basis. After that we went to an actual dinner with most people from our group at a restaurant in Shinjuku. Then we packed our bags for departure the next morning to Fukui.



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