Food so far

The first night I was in Sabae, I went out to dinner with the teachers from my school. We went to an Italian restaurant, where as a non meat eater, I was served a seafood version of everything. It was a huge dinner with several courses and I went from vegetarian to pescetarian. I had salad with oysters, fish with bruschetta, pasta with clams, and a shrimp risotto. It was all delicious and I didn’t get sick from it.
I’ve since had raw sushi twice and a raw or slightly smoked salmon sandwich and some cooked fish. 
The grocery store has almost everything I want or need to cook what I normally made or slight variations. There’s plenty of vegetables and new ones to try. Fruit is expensive and figs and grapes have actually been better priced than apples and citrus. There are dried beans and lentils but I need to place an order online because they’re a bit expensive. There is even dried popcorn kernels! I haven’t ventured too much into the seafood section. I want to try making some miso soup and other meals. The yogurt I’ve been buying is great but I need to find a different milk. 
So far I’m satisfied with restaurant food and the grocery store that’s less than a five minute walk away. The only disgusting thing I had were shrimp flavor rice crackers…
Things that I know I’ll crave:

  • Tortilla chips 
  • Skinny carrots with the tops
  • Massive amounts of fruit (expensive)
  • A good piece of cheese



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