Observations so far

This post is just a list of things I’ve noticed (or knew of but am now experiencing)

  • Bananas come wrapped in plastic 
  • You get a plastic bag every time you buy something unless you say no thanks(Austin had a bag ban so this feels weird)
  • You bag your own groceries after check out in a different spot
  • Almost every public toilet is a fancy toilet with buttons and fake water sounds
  • If it’s not a fancy toilet it’s a squatter toilet
  • You can spot a junior high kid because they are the only people wearing a helmet while biking
  • People are most friendly on the hike and bike trail
  • People are extremely helpful even if they can’t speak English… Even teenagers at the train/tram station
  • Train and tram station machines are only in kanji so you need to know the symbol of your destination or be able to pronounce it’s name to ask 
  • If you miss recycling day after recently moving in you’ll have a lot of junk in your apartment for a week
  • Crosswalks beep and are obnoxiously loud
  • There’s raised markers on all sidewalks for blind people
  • Conveyor belt sushi restaurants are really fun
  • Fireworks are extreme here
  • A lot of crackers and chips taste like fish 😦
  • Rice fields are everywhere and gaijin traps are for real. If you don’t pay attention you can fall into a concrete ditch that may or may not have water in it
  • Trains are perfectly on schedule
  • The grocery store is pretty quiet even when crowded
  • You need to turn the hot water on for showers and gas on and off to cook

I’ll add more as they come to mind!


2 thoughts on “Observations so far

    • Hi Jenna! Thanks for reading and suggesting. I’ve been just not eating snack food at home but indulging in sweets if I’m out with people. I’ll give those a try though. Overall my grocery store is nice and only a few minutes walk away. I hope you are doing well. It’s been nice to have time to just enjoy Japan for a bit before school starts!


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