Local food in Sabae

There’s a family run ramen restaurant in short walking distance (3 minutes) from my apartment that serves a semi-vegetarian ramen. It has pork and probably contains pork based broth, but it hasn’t made me sick being vegetarian. It also contains corn, which I’m not a fan of, but the second time I went the woman remembered us and asked if I wanted corn. I was so happy she remembered because I forgot and wouldn’t have enjoyed the ramen. I’m going to be there a bit too much when winter hits.

Theres’s an Indian restaurant not too far where I can get a vegetarian option. I just need to remember to ask for it extra spicy because it can be quite sweet. The amount of nan they give you cannot be finished in one sitting but it’s nice to have bread. 


I really enjoy the okonomiyaki restaurant in Sabae because they have a pizza kind and I can ask for it without meat because they put the raw ingredients in a bowl for you to mix and cook at the table yourself. It’s the only cheese I’ve had in Japan besides not so great pizza(no other vegetarian option). 


Also not too far away is a cafe restaurant that serves a nice and adorable latte.


In Echizen cho there are many soba restaurants. I like sansai soba best but I got a set meal with the soba the area is famous for. Horoshi soba.



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