My apartment

Home sweet home. On August, 18th I moved into my permanent apartment. I only had to move downstairs and across the parking lot to a different unit so it didn’t take too long. I’ve bought a couch and a few more things for my empty apartment so it’s starting to feel more like a home. One room is a yoga and exercise room because I want one and don’t want unnecessary furniture. Another room is my bedroom but when the futon is packed away it’s really just a room with a floor desk. So I guess I can call it my art studio. My kitchen /living area is used the most but I need to get used to my stove that keeps going out when the air conditioner blows out the flame. My apartment is newer and spacious which makes things comfortable and relaxing when I need a break from Japan or to just relax at home. 
The apartment has two large closets that store my clothes, suitcases, futon etc. The kitchen storage is enough for me but I need to organize it or get some shelving for in the cabinets. 

I probably need to decorate more but I kind of like the walls plain. I have more plants but they are outside on the balcony.


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