I traveled to Okinawa with Kalen, Vivi, and Gustavo over silver week. The holidays this year were all in a row and we had a day off from when we worked over the weekend for sports and culture day. Because of the length of time we decided to see Okinawa. We flew there from Osaka in the evening. While there, we stayed in Naha on kokosai street which is a popular shopping and dining area. We rented a car to see the rest of the island but didn’t have time to go to other smaller islands that are known for snorkeling and diving. 


While there we saw a few different beaches. One was more for snorkeling and another was a netted off area suitable for children. Even though it was enclosed a jellyfish stunt young couple pretty badly and the lifeguards had everyone get out for a bit to find it. Another beach was nice for collecting shells and just hanging out.

We also visited the aquarium to see whale sharks and really cute garden eels. We tasted pineapple and different sweets at pineapple land and had a lot of really good food. I didn’t try local Okinawa food other than some bitter gourd (which I’ve had before) because a lot of dishes contain meat.


American village was fun and we enjoyed pizza and nice sandwiches before watching the sunset.


We had a delicious breakfast one day that did not feel like I was in Japan. I also went to a tasty vegan restaurant!

While there, we also visited the peace museum that featured information about Okinawa during the war. It was a bit depressing but still nice to see. We also saw the castle.  




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