On the way to and from Okinawa we spent time in Osaka. On the way there we didn’t leave from KIX until 6 at night and we flew back and arrived around 10 in the morning. The airport is about an hour train ride from Osaka station and Osaka was about a two hour train from Sabae. We left our backpacks in lockers at the station and took a subway and walked to get to an owl cafe. It’s kind of sad to see them locked inside and unable to fly around, but it is also really fun to hold an owl. We held the owls and took some pictures before heading to a Mexican restaurant in a different area of Osaka. The owner lived in Mexico for a bit and the food is nice. There are some Japanese vegetables thrown it but it still had a nice amount of spice and flavor. 

On the way back through Osaka we got Mexican food again at el Pancho. Then we went to see the castle. Again, it was reconstructed in the 90s but it was still cool to view.



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