Sports and Culture Day

This weekend was our school’s sports and culture day. The students practiced and prepared the entire week for the events. 
Sports day was a more organized and ceremonial version of a field day in America, with students competing on mixed grade level teams for the day. There were many different events. Some were traditional field day games or races but others were interesting and even potentially dangerous. Sports day was organized into an opening ceremony, group events and games, lunch, cheer dance performances, final events like tug of war, and a closing ceremony with awards.

During the week, students practiced ceremony procedures, marching in unison, speeches, and general set up of events. But the main thing they practiced was their cheer dance performance which is a juried event during sports day. Each team of around 250 students plan a coordinated dance and cheer routine. The students select music, create a story/theme, and a group of third year captains choreograph the dance and teach it to the other students. Except for the group of 10-20 captains, the rest do a simpler routine and are more like background dancers doing things in unison, making waves, or creating the wings of a plane or Phoenix like the blue and red teams. 

 It doesn’t seem like many students are at home ever in the summer as most were at school for clubs and sports. They also had a lot of homework because we graded English homework during the week. This week was the official start to the second term so students already started school and met anyone new in April. 
It was nice to see students working hard but also having a good time.


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