Bamboo Doll Village

On the way to Kuzuryu Lake, we ended up passing by Echizen Bamboo Doll Village. There is a bamboo forest and then the museum and store. Bamboo dolls are a traditional art form that seem to require a lot of patience to create. Some dolls will have several different types of bamboo and different techniques are employed. Some doll faces are hallow and carved from a single piece of bamboo and others are solid inside. Some of block hair and others have actual strands which are made from splitting pieces of bamboo again again until the desired size is reached. Some bamboo hair was as thin as .3 mm. Some details are achieved by carving away part of the top layer of the bamboo to reveal a slightly or significantly lighter shade of bamboo, thus creating a contrast. Some were complete relief carvings where the design was created by carving away everything else. The outfits are made with several layers of bamboo rods to create layers clothes or folds. The dolls in the museum were incredibly intricate and fascinating to see. In the store you can begin to realize how much work goes into each doll as you see the price tag for some. I bought a simple doll that still cost 3400 yen or about 30 dollars.  


My doll:


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