School Trip- Kiku ningyo

 On October fourteenth, students at my junior high school had field trips. First years students went on a walking tour of the town to learn about its history, see the temples, and to play at the park.msecond year students weren’t on a trip, but we’re doing a career day thing where they were all assigned to a real job and had to “go to work”. Students shadowed the actual employees and teacher went and checks on their homecoming class during the day. Some students worked in nursery schools or collected tram tickets etc. Finally, third year students went to a small “carnival” park that’s open in the fall.

The interesting part is that students and teachers walked to the park. A mere 11 kilometers and then some when you add in walking around the park and back to the tram station. Thankfully, we took a tram back or some of us would have needed a nap. My phone health app told me I walked 12 miles by he end of the day. It was actually a really nice walk along the river hike and bike trail and it’s a nice to try and talk to students in English and see who can carry on a conversation. I was given several music recommendatios too.

The actual significance of the park is the Kiku ningyo , or flower dolls. Throughout the park are these elaborate flower dolls. The actual doll body is like a mannequin but their kimono(outfit) and hair is made of flowers carefully arranged. The flowers are chrysanthemums. In addition to these flower dolls, there were also bonsai and other flowers that must have been a juried competition because they had first place etc. on them. As the flower dolls, an old tradition, were the main point of this park there were many elderly people there just to see that. It seems like some were visiting from an elderly home because they were there with nurses.

The park has just a few carnival type rides set up, a maze, and a monorail. There were many food stands to buy lunch or a snack too. I brought lunch though just in case it was all meat. Most students packed lunch but some had money to buy soft cream.

I went on the Viking swinging ship ride with students…but only once because those rides make me a bit queasy anymore. (Getting old). I also did the maze and went on the monorail.



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