Halloween Train

This year for Halloween I went on a Halloween train in Fukui. Everyone dresses up, both foreigners and locals, and packs into a tram. The tram was not too big and it was pretty crowded. So, first you ride the tram for about an hour. Then you get off for a little party by the station in Mikuni. After that the tram heads back to Fukui. On the train there was music playing and it was decorated with lights and decorations. A lot of people had cute custumes but some people were creepy things. 

Prior to Halloween we had a trick or treating night for students in the surrounding area. One apartment building is home to about 11 ALTs so it was held there. Maps were made with the participating room numbers and all of us who don’t live there picked an apartment or hung out in the hallways. Students came, with and without parents, and got to experience trick or treating. It was fun to see kids dressed up and getting candy. 

The final Halloween inspired thing I did was an orphanage visit. An ALT in the area plans and organizes visits to a local orphanage. We played Halloween games, like a “trick or treat” hide and seek game and a toilet paper mummy wrap game. We also painted “pumpkins” or kabocha squash. 


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