Pass Island
After leaving Seoul, we had a flight to Manilla, Philippines. The flight was about four hours and Manilla airport really wasn’t a problem. We went through customs and immigration quickly and our hotel had a shuttle waiting for since we called in the morning. It was nice to not have to deal with taxis as I have read bad things about them.
We got to our hotel around five, showered, had dinner at the hotel restaurant, and then had a drink on the rooftop bar. 


The next morning we headed back to the airport for our SkyJet flight to Busuanga. Our destination, Coron Town, was a forty minute ride after that.


We arrived in Coron and checked into our hotel, Amphibi-ko, located along the water. I took a walk out along the pier and saw a rather large jellyfish swimming below. Needless to say it made me nervous for a beach outing the next day. Luckily it was the only jellyfish I saw during the trip. Since it was too late in the day to go on a beach tour, we went for a walk to check out restaurants and to eat lunch. In the end we stopped at a Korean style restaurant that offered vegetarian food. I knew I had plenty more opportunities to eat fish and any veg Filipino food. Also,  I was able to try vegetarian bibimbap which wasn’t available anywhere I saw in Seoul (probably if I had searched more). 


Coron Town is a pretty loud and busy place for a small beach town. Besides a few vans and trucks, most people are riding motorcycles or driving people around in “tricycles”. After lunch in the first day we took a walk over to Mt.Tapyas, which is a paved staircase to a lookout point at the top for viewing sunrise and sunset.



After hiking up and watching sunset, we took a tricycle ride to Maquinit Hot Spring. The ride was bumpy on a dirt rode and we definitely caught some air at one point. I was holding on to typing my hand hurt. The hot spring was fun at night. The water is about 40 C but felt relaxing. Later that night we just had dinner at our hotel restaurant and arranged things for the next day.

The next day we headed out on a beach trip to three islands- Bulog, Banana, and Malcapuya. Other people on the boat were from Australia, England, and the Philippines. While we were sitting and waiting for the boat to leave, we heard a cry and saw a cute puppy was on the boat with us. His name was Boss Carlos and I held him for about an hour or so on the return trip. The trip was also of fun. We mainly relaxed on beaches and swam a little. There wasn’t much snorkeling on this trip but we did get to see some colorful fish and giant clams. Lunch was fish, crabs, kabocha, salad, and watermelon. At the last beach we enjoyed coconuts. There were baby chicks running around and several dogs. The trip back to a while because we pulled another boat back the whole way. The boats are cool and all fashioned a little bit differently. The front seats are the worst though if you don’t want to be splashed








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