Philippines part 2

We chose to not stay in Coron town the whole stay and instead went to a place called Majika on nearby Apo Island. We were picked up and driven about thirty minutes to a boat dock where we would travel through mangroves and then the sea to Apo island. We were not informed that the regular boat wasn’t available due to low tide and were a bit confused when we squished together in a tiny boat. The whole time we were in complete wilderness with no people or buildings in sight. About thirty minutes later we arrived and were greeted by Jamison, one of the staff members. We were shown to our room and then came back to a delicious lunch feast, we had tuna steak, crabs, veggies, rice, (meat dish), and watermelon. Majika is eco friendly, which basically means there weren’t hot showers or electricity during the day except for certain solar powered lights in the room. It was fine and cool at night with just fans and a breeze. There are kayaks available to use, hammocks, volleyball/badminton, pool and table tennis. There’s also a hiking trail up to the top to see a 360 view of the island and sunset.



After eating we changed to go kayak out to the floating docks for a swim. The water was a bit rough from the wind and I chickened out and didn’t want to swim. We sat on the floating dock for a bit before kayaking back. On the way back we stayed in the shallow area for a while observing many starfish. 


That evening, we went for a hike and had an amazing dinner. We hung out in the hammocks and looked for crabs on the beach before going to bed.


The next day we woke up early to eat breakfast before going on a boat trip to a sunken gunship, a coral garden, and Pass Island. Breakfast at Majika was eggs, rice, bread, and meats.

We went snorkeling to see a sunken ship which was pretty cool. The ship was covered in coral and plankton. Also, there were fish swarming around everywhere. The second stop was a coral reef with beautiful colored corals. We also saw Nemo! Afterwards, we went to a really nice coral reef with vibrant colors and lots of fish. Then we went to Pass Island to have lunch and spend the rest of the day. 



That night we went out on the boat through the mangroves to see the fireflies and bioluminescent plankton. It was beautiful with lights twinkling everywhere and the sky was clear enough to see so many stars. We were also shown some creatures in the shallow waters (shrimp, crayfish, etc).

On the last day at Majika we took a kayak out to an area where you could snorkel to see another sunken boat. It was a decent view but some boats were blocking most of the sunlight and we had to swim carefully over a coral reef where there weren’t any sea urchins to get to it… On the way back we were pulled back on the boat that was going to take us there, which was nice because it had been a long kayak trip.

We left Majika on the small boat we came on after having lunch, and headed to Coron town to relax before going out for new year celebrations.



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