Philippines part 3


When we got back to Coron Town, I wasn’t feeling well so I showered and napped for probably four hours or more. (I ended up having a stomach problem for the remainder of the trip after this day) 

We went to a restaurant that sat over the water and had fish burritos and some mango margaritas. After dinner, we walked around and went and had a drink before stumbling upon the town plaza and the new year celebrations that were taking place. Most of the town and some foreigners were hanging around, buying snack from food stalls, and waiting for fireworks at midnight. We read that it’s Filipino tradition to make a lot of noise on New Years to ward off bad spirits. Children and adults had horns and some people even had foghorns. Kids had loud firecrackers too. Also, people made “cannon” things that just expel a loud explosion noise. We had been hearing these since we arrived though and didn’t know what it was until tonight. The fireworks were cool and longer than I expected. Afterwards, I went right back to bed because I still wasn’t feeling great.


The next day we went on a boat tour to some nearby local beaches and Kayangan Lake. Our tour guide and mostly everyone else on the boat all seemed a bit hungover and lazy. I still didn’t feel well so I wasn’t too into swimming but still went in everyplace we visited. The first  stop was CYC beach and on New Year’s Day many locals go there to celebrate and hangout. There were no other tour boats but it was full of families and children. It was cool to see. One boat even had karaoke set up. Our boat had hit something when we left and had a hole in it! They were going to have a different boat come but then fixed it instead. This made me nervous the rest if the trip. 


The next was Smith Beach, where again many locals were celebrating. There were two cute dogs hanging out and the one wanted all my attention. We hung out there for a while and had lunch before going to the last two stops. 





We went to a place called green lagoon and just swam for a bit. The wind was too strong to try and go snorkel and I didn’t feel up to it.

The last place we went to was Kayangan Lake. It was a beautiful sight and the water was refreshing to swim in. Underneath the surface you could see rock formations lining the sides until it was too deep to see.

The last day we had before traveling back was spent doing one last boat tour. The tour took us to two lakes, a beach, and some snorkeling spots. The one spot was another sunken boat. There wasn’t much coral there but there were tons of fish when you were swimming near the sunken boat. The other snorkeling spot was nice but the water was a little rough. We swam from the boat to some reefs and then to shores to relax and have lunch. The little stretch of beach had five cats living on it! After lunch we went to a freshwater and a brackish water lake(kind of). They were both nice places to swim. The one was eerie because there was no one else but our group and some people swam around to another side. The water was extremely deep and had the same rock formations along the sides as the previous day. It was relaxing though.





I was sad to be leaving and not excited about all the flying and trains to get back, but it was a wonderful trip and I’m thankful for having perfect weather and no encounters with poisonous sea creatures. We flew back to Manilla and then traveled for a whole day to get back. We didn’t have any problems at Manilla airport, much to my relief, and made it back safely to Japan.


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