Ikeda Town

On February 11th, school was closed for National Foyndation Day. The weather wasn’t so bad(no rain) so Kalen and I took a drive to see a waterfall in Ikeda town about an hour away. When we got close to the location we had to stop because the road was closed. There was too much snow that hadn’t melted. We saw a couple other people walking and a path from people’s footprints, so we decided to walk the rest of the way. It was about a mile or so through the snow. It was really beautiful being surrounded by the tall trees, ferns, and moss covered rocks. Eventually we got to the destination and it was a nice sight with snow all around.



After the waterfall, we drove to another part of that area where there is a fake “rope” bridge and a restaurant where you can make your own soba and eat it. The bridge was closed due to the snow and the area was pretty deserted. 

Last, we stopped by the Totoro bus top before heading home from our no school day trip. 




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