Osaka and Universal Studios Japan

Originally I was going to attend a sumo event with a bunch of other ALTs the first weekend of spring break, but the tickets sold out almost instantly so sitting together in a group was not an option. Most people decided not to go but we planned to go to Osaka still. During the middle of break I had to go back to school for a ceremony and party because many English teachers and my supervisor were leaving the school. I also went to Osaka on the way back from Takamatsu.


The first weekend in Osaka was pretty much unplanned except for getting to some restaurants and craft beer bars. We went to Zocalo Burrito first for lunch after we arrived. It was delicious but unfortunately left me with a terrible stomachache a few hours later 😦 We went to an area outside of Osaka’s downtown are to see an imax movie.It was pretty much a outdoor shopping mall with some small atrractions for kids.


The next day we went to an acai bowl restauarant for breakfast which was great and didn’t leave me sick like the burrito. 

  I found an art supply store and finally bought some paints to use! We went to a craft beer bar/store that had tons of imported beers and ciders, as well as some on tap. I bought a cider since they are hard to find where I live in Sabae.  I went to Umeda Sky building to see a view of the city. The building was cooler than  the view. You went up 35 floors in a glass elevator and then there was a diagonal escalator suspended and enclosed from one side to the other. There was a restaurant and bar at the top too. In the evening we went to a bar, not an izakaya, and I had two Japanese fruit beers that I actually liked. They weren’t that sweet but it was the first time I actually liked a beer. One was yuzu and the other was mikan flavored.


 After eating and drinking for two days, we left for Nara.



The second time in Osaka was just for USJ. We hoped that Monday would be less crowded since kids should have been in school but it was pretty full. We had a fast past and waited for one extra ride at night when the time decreased to two hours from the four hour wait it had been most of the day. The fast pass was great and we didn’t wait more than 15 minutes for any ride. The Harry Potter world was amazing. All of the shops and fake shops were made with great details and items from the books. The ride was also really cool. It was a moving “coaster” and you wore glasses to view the screens. The ride was a mix of things from the books: like dementors, quidditch , the spiders, etc. After the ride and browsing through  the shops and fake windows, I had some butterbeer, which was just really sweet cream soda but it was nice. We entered the Harry Potter around five so we got to see it during the day and early evening.



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