Golden Week

Nishiyama Park- Tsutsuji Matsuri

Over Golden Week holidays, I stayed in Fukui and went to several local festivals and events. School was closed Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday or it would have been a much longer break with the possibility of traveling to further locations. On Tuesday, I rode my bike to my local park for the Azalea festival. One part of the park has azalea bushes planted everywhere and when they are in full bloom it’s an explosion of flowers. There were yatai, or food stands, where you can buy typical Japanese festival food like whole quid on a stick, fried chicken, french fries, crepes, yakisoba, shaved ice, cakes, etc. Currently in the midst of stomach problems and not being able to eat any added sugar or wheat—there was nothing for me. I packed a lunch so it didn’t matter. School bands performed in the center of the lawn and people just hung out eating food in the sunshine.


On Wednesday, I went to the Sabae Lacquerware festival. It was more of a flea market of lacquerware cups and chopsticks with some festival food. But, it was nice to see the museum part and I hadn’t been there before. Then we went to a town parade where some other friends were participating and wearing samurai costumes. Afterwards, we headed to the Washi paper village to see some handmade paper and to buy some of the cheap goods that are sold during the festival only. I bought a large piece to hang on my wall as art (mountain design) and two plain pieces for colored pencil drawings since I can’t find any large canson in the area.


On Thursday, a group of us climbed the local “mountain” Hinosan. It was about 1.5 hours up and 1.5 down. The foliage and trees were beautiful and it was nice to hike somewhere shaded and fully covered by trees overhead. We ate lunch at the top before heading down.


After a half day of work on Friday, I continued some Golden Week traveling with the Kanazu Forest of Creation art festival in northern Fukui. Driving there was part of the fun, since google couldn’t or wouldn’t navigate to the real/new road to get there. Instead, it took us on a one lane gravel “road” past rice paddies/farms and ultimately a dead end at the entrance of some woods or maybe part of the art center. 🙂


There were artists from nearby prefectures and from Fukui, selling a variety of different art, pottery, woodwork, etc. The area itself was wonderful with large cedar trees and plants all around (it was in the middle of nowhere). Onsite is a permanent museum, cafe, and glass making center that offers workshops throughout the year.


There were also several food trucks with much more interesting food than the regular yatai festival food. I packed lunch because of my stomach problems, but there were hamburgers (made by an Australian man), pho, really nice look crepes, typical karage fried chicken, and bagel sandwiches. There were also sweets being sold.

I bought an art print postcard, to add to my collection of small art, and a papercut art of a poodle drinking wine 🙂




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