Car Rally

Team Buzzkill

One weekend in June, I participated in an ALT run event that happens each year when the weather gets nice. In order to participate, you have to have a team and a car. Basically you drive around the beaches in Southern Fukui, competing to get as many points as you can by completing challenges. ALTs who live in that area create events like relays, picture challenges, or other silly games for those participating. At the end of the day, everyone meets up at a campsite to shower, hangout, and see who won. In addition, to having a team, there is also a theme and you’re supposed to dress up to fit the theme. This year the theme was “The end of the world”. Some teams dressed post -apocalyptic, one team was items that would survive the end of the world (Nokia phone, twinkie, etc.), and another team was “cards against humanity”. Basically they had a large poster made of an actual game card: This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but with _____. They then dressed as other random answer cards from the game. Our team went more realistic (though not actually like to happen or to end the world, but we dressed as dead bees. Basically, if we don’t have bees, can’t find other means to pollinate, then maybe we’ll run out of food and die. Again, not likely but we liked the idea of being bees. The day was a lot of fun but also tiring out in the sun most of the day. Some events involve swimming, and thankfully Kalen did that for our team (Me, Kalen, Rose, and Vivi) because I didn’t want to be damp all day. The party afterwards was a lot of fun. There was a main cabin with a large kitchen area and then the sleeping cabins were for four people. I found the cabin super creepy. It was built like a log cabin and had lots of cracks for spiders to get in šŸ˜¦ Needless to say, I didn’t sleep much… But it was a good time and I’m glad I went!

2016-06-18 (1)
Five lakes of Mikata
Ride up to see the view (there was also single seat ski lifts to the top–but I don’t really like ski lifts)

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