My Garden


I started a garden on my small balcony. I eat a lot of vegetables and the cost can add up, so I decided I wanted to grow some stuff to eat. Also, my main motive was that I saw Malabar spinach at the store and my brother and sister in law grew this variety. It grew crazy in Texas, so I figured I’d give it a try. I’m definitely not the best gardener and tend to overwater. My hot chili plant did well and I have a bunch of peppers to dry and use in curry at some point. My beets had potential and were fun to watch grow from a seed, but it seems like they will never produce a beet. The leaves are good at least. The spinach is doing fine but is maybe cramped in pots. Some of them are just growing taller and taller, instead of getting fuller. The basil seems to be a lost cause and maybe got root rot 😦 Anyway, my neighbors probably think I’m kind of a weirdo but I’m also a foreigner so it doesn’t matter. Most people in apartments just use the balcony to dry clothes. I prefer to dry mine inside because they smell fresher and don’t get stiff. So, my balcony which faces the entire parking lot is filled with crazy looking spinach vines. On the other hand, pretty much every house in Japan has a small or large vegetable garden. I thought Austin was pretty cool with people having gardens and growing their own food, but Japanese home gardens are crazy sometimes. It’s fun to see what people choose to grow and to see how people make use of their space. I guess I’d want a garden to fill my yard if I didn’t have any grass. Basically houses either have a garden and a crazy mix of plants growing all over, or they have a Japanese garden with rocks and moss. It’s rare to see a large lawn of grass in this area, unless you’re at a park. Same goes for schools- just a dirt field.




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