After a year in Japan, I was ready to travel home to see my friends and family. I spent some time in Japan after the school term ended because I had to attend summer camp events and doctor visits.

It was great to arrive in Austin in the evening and have an amazing veggie burger for dinner. I got to go to the greenbelt, drink tons of cider, see friends, play with tons of dogs my brother was watching, and eat tacos almost daily. I only stayed for the weekend and then went to South Carolina to see my parents.


It was my first time to visit Charleston, since my parents had just moved there in December. The beaches were really beautiful and quiet compared to New Jersey and even Maryland. I enjoyed trying cheesy grits for the first time and just eating meals at home with my parents. We got to try a sailboat tour and visited Angel Oak tree. The shells on Edisto Island were beautiful. It was nice to go bike riding and tour the historic part of downtown Charleston by carriage.

After a week in Charleston, I went back to Austin for a few more days before heading back to Japan. We got to go tubing in San Marcos! I ate more tacos and stocked up on food and toiletries that are difficult to find in Japan.


It was so nice to be home but I am glad to spend one more year here in Japan.


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