Sports and Culture Festival


I got to experience another Sports Day and Culture Festival. The first week back to school is spent prepping for the events held on the first weekend. For sports day there are four teams made up of all 1000 students. The students learn how to do different events and practice some of the races. They also spend a lot of time rehearsing their cheer dance which is part of the competition. Students have to make props and costumes and try to get 300+ kids to all learn and do the same dance moves. It’s great watching junior high school students work together and practice leadership skills. They also practice the actual ceremony, marching, bowing, singing and students tend to pass out from the heat…


The actual event is great. Students are all smiling and excited. Some of the events are really silly and others are just normal races. It’s fun to cheer with the students. In the end, my team lost and all of the captains were sad because of how much work is put into the event. It’s quite different from field days that I had in America.

Culture day was the next day. Students work with their homeroom class and teacher to create an activity and them for their classroom. Some classes had life size board games, balloon darts, tea ceremony, casinos, etc. They give out small candy prizes usually based on how many points earned. Half the class manages the room while the other explores the activities and then they switch. Third year students made haunted houses. Parents and siblings are welcome to come to this event and play the games.


In addition to the games, there is a performance part, too. Brass band and chorus performs, as well as students who wanted to sing or dance in front of their peers. It’s fun to see students have a lot of fun before they have to start classes and studying again.


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