Eiheiji Temple

I finally made it to Eiheiji Temple in Fukui Prefecture (where I live). It’s an active Buddhist monastery and located out in the mountains. The small town leading up to the temple is full of souvenir shops and soba restaurants. The grounds of the temple are free to check out and full of moss and tall ceder trees.


I wasn’t sure what to expect about inside the temple because usually a lot is off limits. However, that is not the case here. You are able to visit and look at many areas of the temple.

There is a meditation hall that you can request to attend, as well as an overnight stay. I didn’t do the meditation but maybe in the future.

One room contains a ceiling with over two hundred painted ceiling tiles. The building is designed with a central garden.

I think I enjoyed this visit over places in Kyoto because there was so much more to see and you were able to take your time walking around. There wasn’t a large crowd of people either.





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