Hyakumangoku Matsuri


Every year a festival called Hyakumangoku Matsuri is held the first weekend of June. This was my first time to go and really the first full parade I ever watched in Japan. A local festival in my town was canceled the first year due to rain and I was back in America the second time. I never made it to Fukui’s main festival because of other events at the same time. I really enjoyed seeing the different costumes and events. We (Kalen, Fiona, Victoria, and me) drove to Kanazawa and found parking near the park and found a spot to sit and watch the parade. It consisted of fireman performing acrobatics on ladders held by other people, “ninja” performers, groups of girls/ women in kimono dancing, and men dressed in samurai clothes. There were even people dressed as lords on horses. I think the best part was that people actually waved and said hello to the crowds, including us, and we were “killed” by samurai at least five times. We took a break taking photos at the 21st Century Art Museum and because Fiona and Vistoria hadn’t been before. Later we watched “oban” or traditional festival dancing. I finally found my favorite food stall snack, sweet potato fries (in sugar), which I haven’t seen since I first came to Japan. We met up with some other friends and went to Kenrokuen to see a woman play the flute in the pond and see the garden lit up for the evening (usually it closes?).


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